The Journey Begins…

Welcome to the London Wlogger! Thanks for joining me on myΒ journey around the great city of London, exploring its hidden gems, places and sights all on foot.

I think we’re too dependent on public transport in London, we’d rather take a tube to get us 2 minutes from Victoria to Green Park than take a little longer on foot to experience the beauty of walking past Buckingham Palace and through Green Park itself.

Each time this blog, or wlog, (see what i did there!), will take you through London on foot to help you discover everything amazing it has to offer.

Stay tuned every week for a new walking adventure….

One of my favourite walks along the Regent’s Canal

25 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. I’m looking forward to following your blog. A couple of months ago I spent 9 days in London and 5 days in 2011, and I feel like I haven’t scraped the surface. The Regent Canal walk was on my list and I didn’t make it, mainly because they closed the city train lines on the weekend, making it much more difficult for a tourist to find her way around, something I didn’t know was going to happen.

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    1. Thanks Coral! I know what you mean, London is huge and there are so many hidden gems and sights apart from all the main tourist hot spots! Hopefully on your next visit you can make the Regents Canal walk, but the next best thing is to view it and other walking journeys here! 😊 The Regents Canal is my favourite walk, such beauty strolling along the river ☺️


  2. We love London and have visited several times. We also enjoy walking when we can, rather than taking the tube. When we were there in September, we discovered a walk along the route of the old Roman wall. But unfortunately it was on our last day and we found the end of it, near the City of London museum which is where we were planning to go, so we didn’t do it. But it will be on our list for our next visit. I’ll be looking forward to learning about more great walks.

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  3. I’m enjoying your series of walks and hope there are many more posts. During my stay in London, my preference was to run or walk to see as much of London as I could. It really is very walkable, even from Hyde Park to the West End is easily doable on foot. Thanks for sharing your historical knowledge as well.

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    1. You’re so right, we don’t realise how close everything is in London, always a lovely walk away! The best way to see all of London’s beauty is to immerse yourselves on a stroll, only then can you find the hidden gems and places πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you’re a fan, I’ve got plenty more walks in store!

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      1. I haven’t! London is next on my adventures list! I took my first trip outside of North America for the first time last spring, when we traveled to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest. We walked everywhere in the cities (~10 miles a day) so we could really see the cities and not just the tourist spots.

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      2. Oh wow awesome, that sounds like a great trip! I loved Prague and Budapest when I went, and I’d really like to visit the other two countries. Walking is the best way to see all the cities great sights πŸ™‚ When you visit London, you now have a perfect guide πŸ˜‰ Stay tuned for more walks every week!

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