Weekly Wlogger: Flowery Springtime in London

A warm and sunny Springtime welcome! A new feature that I’m introducing is the ‘Weekly Wlogger’ where I share photos of some of the sites I’ve seen whilst on my walks around London during the week, and that I’ve shared on my Instagram feed. This week I’ve been doing some walking around Covent Garden, Southwark, and along the Thames, which has given me the chance to see some of the beautiful flowery delights of London and to enjoy the lovely Spring weather.

For me, Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, with the flowers blossoming, lighter evenings, and most importantly, it feels warmer and genuinely more sunny!

My first walking adventure this week came around Southwark, and there are pockets of flowery wonders around it, such as the ones below! With all the colours of the rainbow, you can’t beat the sight of lovely flowers!

Flowers in Southwark
It still surprises me to see flowers this pretty in London when I’m not in a park or green area, but that’s what makes it such a great city, these little surprises pop up all the time!

If you’re ever in Southwark and fancy a cuppa or perhaps something stronger, might I suggest you take a trip to the Citizen M Hotel! Now you see word ‘Hotel’, and of course I wouldn’t suggest booking yourself into a hotel just for a drink… but the lobby area within it is so relaxing, and anyone can pop into it. One of its distinctive features are these amazing lights!

Enlightening displays
This mesmerizing display illustrates a wonderful combination of contemporary design, with simplistic functionality! And the amazing features don’t end there. Another one of those I noticed was this spirally staircase that I had to take a snap of it! There’s something special about staircases like these. Think it’s the uniqueness of it. The quirkiness. And the excitement of walking up a staircase that’s different to your conventional one!

Mesmerizing Staircase
One of the other notable parts of the area is Southwark Cathedral, and did you know my walks have already explored it? Well you’re in luck, here’s the link to it!

Another one of the areas that I explored this week, which had its own weird and wonderful aspects, was Covent Garden. There aren’t too many ways to relax than sitting amongst a bed of flowers, and this hammock brings you just that feeling!

Covent Garden Hammock
Now I can’t think of anything more iconic to symbolise springtime London than the photo below…

Springtime London
A red telephone box next to a blossoming tree. Now that’s what you call London in Spring! And the two look so perfect together.

When you walk from one building to the other, there aren’t too many cooler ways than this! Spotted in Covent Garden, this funky design makes crossing the buildings both fun, and perhaps slightly nausea!

What a Way to Cross the Building!
To continue the flowery theme, a trip around Victoria Embankment Gardens is a must! With perfect flowery symmetry displays like these, it’s simply stunning!

Flowery Embankment Gardens
When it comes to riverside views, none are more spectacular than those across the Thames. I’ve done quite a bit of exploring along this stretch of river, but never really beyond the Albert Bridge, but there’s so much beauty to bask in further down the river with Battersea Railway Bridge (opened in 1863) and Wandsworth Bridge (opened in 1940). Both look truly lovely when you’re along the wharf complex around Wandsworth.

Battersea Railway Bridge

Wandsworth Bridge
My London wanderings have definitely given me the sense that Spring is certainly here! Hope you’ve enjoyed exploring some of the wonders of Covent Garden, Southwark and along the Thames! Don’t forget to follow me across  TwitterInstagram and Facebook! Have a great week and see you soon!

All photos taken by London Wlogger Β© Copyright 2017

45 thoughts on “Weekly Wlogger: Flowery Springtime in London

  1. You have an eye for the perfect angle to make your photographs stand out. I have photographed the same scenes but never with such vision. It’s a delight to see such talent at work in my favourite city. Although I no longer live there, your photographs make me nostalgic for days gone by.

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      1. I remember snapping loads of blossom at Southend one magical spring many moons ago! Earned me the name ‘blossom’ but we get very little of it here in oz.
        Your posts are like a little holiday, thanks


  2. You know I always enjoy your blogs about London, and how much I love London. Springtime is my favourite time too, being born in May helps I guess. I would always take my Boys when small to the London Parks in Spring when the Parks are at their very best. Thank you again for a great visit around London this Sunday afternoon, and I can’t wait for the next walk around London. All the Spring flowers, the Cherry blossoms and soon my favourite the Lilac Trees will blossom, picture all that around London.! Any chance a visit to my fabulous Kew Gardens. Many thanks, take care, as ever – Anna

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  3. Wow, you have flowers! We are in the possible snow, rain, freezing rain, hail, +15C, trees may fall over and smash your car or roof season! It’s a surprise (or moan) every day, and I’ve spotted very few flowers. I live in south-western Ontario, Canada.

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  4. Fantastic photos! I especially enjoyed the lights, the stairway and the funky crossway between the buildings. Spring in London look lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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