About London Wlogger

Hey there, I’m Stu, a 28 year old who loves exploring London! For me, it’s one of the greatest cities in the world. It encapsulates the old and the new perfectly. Whether that’s the amazing heritage of Tower Bridge, or the fantastic modern day architecture of The Shard,  rarely can you visit places where they both fit together so well.

The best way to see our wonderful capital is to get lost amongst its beauty on foot. One minute you could be walking through a packed street, the next in a tranquil park.

I normally go on 4/5 hour walks just exploring and discovering its hidden gems, sights and sounds. This walking blog (wlog) will delve into London’s great journeys on foot, and provide you with a guide on their history and images of its natural splendour.

Come along and join me on my walking adventures! 🙂

Stu 🙂 (London Wlogger)